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The Graduate Program in Agricultural Entomology (PPGEA) started its activities in 2004 after splitting the Graduate Program in Plant Protection into two other courses “Agricultural Entomology” and “Plant Pathology”, becoming the first program in Agricultural Entomology in the North and Northeast of Brazil. In that time, it was created with grade 4 by CAPES out of 7, and raised to grade 5 in the evaluation done by CAPES in 2009.


The professionals titled by PPGEA are involved in research, teaching and extension in various institutions of Pernambuco State such as UFRPE, UFPE, IF-PE, IPA and UPE, and private educational institutions. Other institutions out of PE are also host of professional titled by PPGEA such as Embrapa, IFES, IFETs, state universities and private agribusiness sector.


Over the years, 94 Masters and 56 Doctors in Agricultural Entomology have been titled. Currently 16 Masters and 44 Doctors candidates are enrolled in the program under the supervision of 10 permanent professors (UFRPE), and two collaborators from UFPE and UFERSA. All students are supported by grants from CAPES, CNPq, FACEPE, and OEA.


The course consists of three investigations lines: Bioecology of Insects and Mites, Integrated Pest Management, and Taxonomy and Systematics of Insects and Mites. Under the umbrella of these research lines, Dissertations and Thesis projects are registered in the program.


The education offered to ours students covers the major investigations areas of Entomology including insect and mite biology, morphology and systematics, insect physiology and histology,  insecticide biochemistry and toxicology,  biological control,  insect behavior, natural insecticides, and etc. Other areas and specifics subjects in Agricultural Entomology are developed with the aid of partners through collaboration programs such as PROCAD NF, AMD, and short stages overseas.